Tim Kinane


Why Tim?

Melissa Corbett, President / Owner, The Milcor Group, Inc.

“I am very pleased to say I am a member of Tim’s Vistage group. Tim has a natural ability to help people. He is an out-of-the-box thinker who can come up with creative ways to address issues. An hour spent with Tim is more beneficial than a day spent with most people! Want to improve your business, call him. It is well worth it!”

Brian Powers

“I have been in Tim’s Vistage group for about a year now. He runs a good group and is an excellent advisor. My business has survived the recession better and has a plan to grow throughout the recovery because of Tim’s leadership.”

Jamie Chauss, President/CEO, Room It Up

“Tim and I met through Vistage. I have found Tim to be a great wealth of information. He has also provided me with a great sounding board and at times “the voice of reason”. When running my company, there are times when I need to ask someone, “what do I do about this”. Tim is always very supportive and if he doesn’t know the answer, he has someone to go to for it or an idea how to make the right decision. When I first met Tim it was at one of his marketing presentations. Frankly I joined his group because I thought he’d be a great resource and he has lived up to my expectations!”

Patty Smail

“I am a member of the Stuart Martin County Board of Directors. Each year, Tim facilitates a retreat for the new board, and every year I am even more impressed with not only his skills, but his selection of topics to cover. They are always either timely or forward thinking. I learn something every year, and look forward to the meetings. Tim’s professional, relaxed style really encourages interaction. Highly recommend Tim”