Tim Kinane



One size doesn’t fit all

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, so do solutions. Together we can determine the tools that work best for you.

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Executive coaching with a single focus: Your Success.

Team Strength

We Leverage the insights of the DISC profile with a web based tool to conveniently identify and address the specific obstacles to teamwork and better results.

Peer Groups

A Group of Peers Who Share a Commitment to Trust, Collaboration & Growth.


Tim has more than 30 years of business experience ranging from publicly traded electronics manufacturers to small start-up companies.  He draws on his expertise in operations, strategic planning and marketing and applies his own coaching approach to help clients explore and reach their goals.


Focus your Vision, Supercharge your Mission

Next Generation

The Next Generation is entering your family business.

Exit Planning

It’s inevitable that someday you will exit your business.


Customized workshops to help your organization:

  • Significantly improve communication
  • Motivate team members individually and as a group
  • Builds a stronger team-dynamic
  • Keep the individual team members and the group focused on success
  • Hire the best people to add to your team