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5 Ways to Fuel Massive Growth in 2015 – #1 TECHNOLOGY


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The Vistage 2015 forecast for growth is full of ideas, strategies and tactics to help grow your company in the year ahead.  It was released at the beginning of the year along with hundreds of other business and personal improvement lists to kick off 2015.

Can there be too many good ideas? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  Too many ideas can confuse your focus and rob you of direction, leading to inactivity.  The New Year plethora of idea lists usually follows the same track as gym memberships – energized in January, forgotten by February.

The key to progress is continuous improvement. It needs to be focused and manageable.

So, let’s try something new. Now that we are away from the New Year noise we can explore the forecast one section at a time.

Try these steps to get better results:

  • Schedule time to read the report when you can be focused and fully present.
  • Jot down a few ideas and goals that are applicable to your company.
  • Share the report, your ideas and goals with your team.
  • Ask them how you can help them achieve the goals.
  • Hold them accountable for results.

Here is the first section of five strategic areas for growth in the Vistage 2015 forecast.



Key points:

  • Embrace the Internet of things.
  • Get your head in the cloud.
  • Make big data a big deal.

Click the link for the full Technology report.

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