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Why Community Service

Congratulation to Dr. Jack Mitchell who has received two new awards from his involvement in the community. One of the awards is Volunteer of the Year Award from an organization that focuses on providing safe space and assistance primarily to women and children involved in domestic violence. The second new award is from the local Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Jack received the prestigious President’s Award for “dedication, hard-work and commitment”.

There are great reasons and benefits to volunteering:

  • Good for your health
  • Learn new skills
  • Gain professional experience
  • Make a difference/improve lives
  • Get to know your community
  • Challenge yourself
  • Connect with others

Strengthen your Team by Connecting your WHY with volunteering in your community.


Tracy Levy, SafeSpace director of Development; Dr. Jack Mitchell, St. Lucie Volunteer of the Year; Janet Farnan-Dyer, SafeSpace Resource & Volunteer Coordinator

Tracy Levy, SafeSpace director of Development; Dr. Jack Mitchell, St. Lucie Volunteer of the Year; Janet Farnan-Dyer, SafeSpace Resource & Volunteer Coordinator


We are proud to present our St. Lucie County Volunteer of the Year, Dr. Jack Mitchell. Dr. Jack’s contribution as a Board Member and Advocate in the community creates future financial sustainability to help us save and change lives of victims and their families. Thank you Dr. Jack for your endless dedication to SafeSpace and our mission. We appreciate all that you do!!


Why Community Service

A conversation with Dr. Jack Mitchell

Dr. Jack, congratulation on your two new community service awards.

I feel such gratitude, and simply want to give back. I have a strong awareness of how fortunate and how blessed I am in life, an awareness of “why” I am here on earth. Volunteerism simply flows as a result of this gratefulness.

I like the quote by the famous lecturer and writer, Jim Rohm:

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”

I draw from this: Know your personal “why” ; set your sail accordingly because the winds of life will challenge all of us;   be grateful for your blessings; and be generous with your time, talent and treasure.

The Why is about how you feel – and we are inspired by that which moves us and connects us to other people. Dr. Jack Mitchell shares his why:

As a volunteer, I am impressed with the dedication and love of so many staff employees.  They give of their time and talent so very generously to their organizations and the people they serve.

My Why is to help people grow personally and professionally.
I have been blessed with exceptional education, corporate and entrepreneurial experiences. I am passionate to use all these to help people. It feels great to give back.

Communication starts by understanding yourself and then listening to others.  How have you used your understanding of Team Strength DISC to help you to be a better volunteer?

The Team Strength DISC profiles and chart, are tools that I can use in every aspect of my life: work, volunteering and personal interactions.  I have been involved with this process and system for more than 30 years. Using these tools has helped me to develop the sensitivity to assess and communicate effectively. This was not always the case, years ago, I would make assumptions, mis-read people and miss opportunities.

I still do day, but hopefully nowhere near what I did years ago. What a powerful tool for all of us today. The more you practice, the better you get. Whether in business, in family matters, or in general communication, the Team Strength DISC Profiles are marvelous help to better communication.

Communication is life’s most important skill- better communication make for a better life.

Full sail



Set your organizations sails by improving the quality of your teams’s communication. Get started now on your Team Strength- call 772-210-4499 or email for more information or to set up and an account.

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